The QBryte aluminum cable ducts and cable columns are made from high-quality recycled aluminum, provided with the X-ECO quality mark. Circular aluminum of the alloy EN AW 6060.22 is used for this. More than 85% aluminum is reused, so that the CO2 footprint is reduced by more than 80%. In addition, it provides up to 95% energy savings compared to bauxite mining. After its working life, this cable duct and cable column can be completely recycled.

For larger projects, the gutter can be cut exactly to size and, if desired, mitered, so that installation is simplified.

Look here for the X-ECO brochure Certificate which explains that Qbryte cable ducts are made from X-ECO aluminum

On the right you can see a comparison of the most important measurements of our cable trays.

V-I has 3 anti-slip profiles, V-II and V-III have 2 anti-slip profiles.

V-II and V-III have a cover that is interchangeable in direction.

Version III is now directly available from stock