Customer references

Below you will find some customers who use our aluminum cable trays.
Unilever Rotterdam

Unilever Rotterdam
In 2019 Unilever also opted for a solution with the QBryte cable tray.

Talpa Rietlanden

Talpa Amsterdam
In 2018, Talpa was looking for a cable system with a nice appearance for their newly to be furnished offices. Their choice fell on our durable aluminum cable tray. An extension was delivered in 2019.


Nexperia Nijmegen
With recycled aluminum as the main component of the QBryte cable tray, the decision was made quickly.

Other customers who already preceded you in using QBryte cable trays:

  • ASML Nederland
  • Inmarsat Solutions
  • Jobmatch, Belgium
  • Demcon advanced mechatronics Delft B.V.
  • Greenpeace Facilities
  • Onze-Lieve-Vrouwziekenhuis
  • Doctors Without Borders / MSF Holland

In Germany a.o.

  • German Aerospace Center DLR e.V.
  • Ventech Systems GmbH
  • K & L Electronics GmbH
  • Hartmann Exact KG