Stealth cable tray for under desk

At the request of customers, we have designed a slimline desk drain. Due to the 'stealth' design, this cable tray is hardly noticeable when mounted on a sit-stand desk.

Stealth cable tray under desk

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This Stealth cable tray is the solution for neatly hiding cables under your desk. The easy mounting and the smart tilt-open mechanism keep you a tidy workplace.

The slimline design of our stealth cable tray means it's barely noticeable under your desk. Nevertheless, you can store a large amount of cables in it, and even sockets such as the Bachmann step. The mounting is a piece of cake thanks to the supplied brackets, and you have all your cables hidden in no time. Due to the sliding construction, this gutter without sawing is suitable for desks from 120 to 200 cm. Larger or small sizes are available on request.

  • easy to slide to length; net length: 115 cm to 195 cm
  • suitable for desks from 120 cm to 200 cm
  • front 3 cm high, back 6 cm high
  • •cable duct width 12.5 cm
  • •suitable for installing slimline junction boxes, such as the Bachmann Step
  • easy to open and close with click-tilt mechanism
  • lots of space for storing cables
  • painted in the color structure white, structure black, structure aluminum or structure graphite (other color on request)
  • click here to view the installation manual

Cableclamp single 110 mm

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Cable clamp in new version. This has an extra lip for better mounting. This makes the clamp less likely to tip over and be pulled out of the blade

The cable clamps are easy to install and use. The cable bracket is mounted on the underside of the desktop, after which the cables can be clamped behind it without effort.The cable clamps are in black and are made of the material POM, which makes the clamp very dimensionally stable. The clamp is screwed to the blade.Exclusive mounting material.

Quantity discounts:

 From 1 to 100 pieces  2,25 p/st
 From 101 to 1000 pieces  1,80 p/st
 From 1001 to 2500 pieces  1,65 p/st
 More than 2500 pieces  1,40 p/st

Nieuw 20/4/2022

Cable grommet solid oak, round 80mm

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Solid wood cable grommet for your desk or table
  • Blank oak wood cable entry box are supplied from stock
  • Untreated and beautifully sanded and finished
  • Staining by you in any desired color
  • Shaft size up to flange 23mm
  • Removable lid, thickness 10 mm
  • Installation size 80 mm Ø , drilling size 80 mm Ø
  • Available per piece
  • Oak wood is a natural product and therefore each cap is unique.

Grommet plastic 39/45/49/65/78 mm

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Simple plastic grommet. Delivery per set of 10 pieces

  • Plastic round cable grommet
  • Drillsize 39, 45 or 49 mm.
  • Available colors: white, grey or black (grey 49mm is not available).
  • Two partdesign, hole stays visible.
  • Ideal for PIN-devices on counters.
  • Available from stock 


Grommet 42 Aluminum round 60 or 80 mm

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A metal grommet. The shape gives it a luxurious look. Price per 12 pieces
  • Low mounting depth (13.2 mm) for applications in floor gutters and thin sheets
  • Flange Thickness 1.8 mm
  • Diameter including flange 90 mm
  • Diameter 80 mm
  • Bayonet mount
  • Cover with black nylon brush
  • Version: optical chrome matt / anodized white aluminum (alu look) or stainless steel Optically based on zamac
  • These grommets may have a small scratch and/or a small bump
  • This grommet is also regularly used in low floor gutters
  • Per set of 12 pieces