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These terms are autotranslated with Google from the dutch version. If there are any discrepncies between these versions, then the Dutch version will prevail

General Terms and Conditions of Sale, Delivery and Payment of Wesjon B.V. Office and Project Furnishings, binding for all transactions, unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing, filed with the registry of the District Court in Alkmaar in May 1996 under number 257/1996.

OFFERS. All quotations and delivery times are without obligation and all images, drawings and data regarding weights, dimensions, colors, etc. are only approximate.

QUOTES AND ORDER CONFIRMATIONS. After accepting a non-binding offer, the seller is entitled to revoke the offer within two working days of receipt.

DELIVERY TIMES. The specified delivery times are not fatal. If the delivery time is exceeded, the buyer must give us written notice of default. The seller is entitled to execute orders all at once or in parts. In the event of partial delivery, the buyer is obliged to pay the related invoice in accordance with the applicable payment conditions. If the seller is prevented from executing the purchase agreement in whole or in part due to force majeure, he is entitled to regard this force majeure as a resolutive condition. In that case, the buyer has no right to compensation.

DISCOUNTS. No other discount is allowed than that stated on the invoice.

PAYMENTS. Payments must be made within 30 days of the invoice date. If payment is not made within this term, the other party will be in default by operation of law and will owe statutory interest on the outstanding amount from the due date. All extrajudicial and judicial collection costs are for the account of the buyer. The costs of the extrajudicial collection costs amount to 15% of the principal.

DEPOSIT. For orders above € 7,000, the following payment rules apply: 30% to be transferred by telephone when ordering, 60% to be transferred by telephone upon delivery of the goods and 10% to be transferred by bank transfer within 30 days of delivery.

SPECIAL ORDERS. For special orders we have to charge 40% deposit in connection with sizes and colors.

SOLVENCY. The seller has the right to cancel all current contracts or to deliver only against cash payment in case the buyer continues to fail to fulfill his obligations towards the seller. Until full payment of all claims arising from the agreement by the buyer, the delivered goods remain the exclusive property of the seller and can be reclaimed by the seller in the event of late payment by the buyer, immediately and without judicial intervention. .

CREDIT LIMIT. This may be deducted if payment is made within the specified period.

CANCEL. Costs associated with cancellation by the buyer 15% of the order amount after signing the order. 30% if the cancellation takes place after 10 working days with a minimum of € 70.

DEMAND ORDERS. On-demand orders can be delivered a maximum of 45 days after the agreed date of the order confirmation. After this period, the storage costs will be passed on to the buyer.

ADVERTISING. If no complaints have been received by the seller 8 days after the invoice date regarding the delivered goods, the goods are deemed to have been approved. We can only take back those goods for which we have previously consulted in writing and for which we have then given written permission to return them. These goods must still be in the condition in which they were delivered. In the event of admissible advertising, the seller may deliver again in accordance with the order. Minor commercial or technically unavoidable deviations and differences in quality, colour, size or finishes cannot constitute grounds for complaint.

RETURNS. Returns without the seller's permission are not allowed. If it does happen, then all shipments are connected at the expense of the buyer. In this case, the seller is free to store the goods among third parties at the expense and risk of the buyer. Return shipments that have not been accepted by the seller do not in any way release the buyer from the payment conditions agreed with him/her. Return shipments travel at the buyer's risk. Returns can only be processed in the warehouse if an RA no. (return authorization number) is clearly stated on the outside of the packaging. This can be requested from the customer service department.

DELIVERY/ASSEMBLING. Goods are delivered unassembled bgg behind the first door with due regard for the carriage-free border. Below this limit, freight will be charged. The costs of assembly are 5% of the net order amount. For moving to a floor and/or basement, these are increased by 3% of the net order amount.

TRANSFER OF OWNERSHIP. The goods remain the property of Wesjon B.V. Office and Project Furnishings until they have been paid in full, prior to that, it is not allowed to do anything to the detriment of WESJON B.V. Office and project furnishings are available e.g. by pledging or by transfer of ownership as security.

LIABILITY EXCLUSION. The supplier is not liable for damage caused by delivery, either directly or indirectly. With the exception of intent and gross negligence.

These general terms and conditions mean:
buyer = client
seller = contractor
goods = all products to be traded by the seller at any time and/or manner.
services = all actions to be performed by the seller at any time and/or manner.

Final provision. By placing an order or assignment, the buyer acknowledges that he is aware of these general terms and conditions of delivery and sale and that he is satisfied with them.